MotorWerk Diesel ECO-BOOST module

The MotorWerk diesel tuning modules, a brand of Loewenstein, are one of the most convenient and easiest to be installed performance enhancement options.

With slightly over 20 to 25% of performance increase, depending on the unit or Mercedes diesel engine and without interfering with the factory engine control unit, we achieve additionally to the enormous torque a much more direct engine response.

A lot of energy and effort has been invested in the development of our modules to ensure actually one of the best results in the diesel engine tuning sector.


The Loewenstein additional electronics are based with absolute independence from the vehicle engine electronics. Not like most of the diesel boxes on the market, the Loewenstein module does not intervene with its own processor in the common rail diesel pressure, but includes monitoring and recalculations of many other sensors, components and injection time of the vehicle engine and ecu, all that keeping all the original connectors.

Regarding fuel consumption, we can guarantee an improvement keeping the same driving style as before the conversion. A more sporty driving pleasure will of course increase slightly the consumption.

With the Loewenstein additional modules we also offer the option, if desired, to conmute with a switch or remote control the performance on or off while driving, being able at any time to change between factory power or tuned engine.