MotorWerk 45 AMG modules

MotorWerk 45 AMG modules


With the MotorWerk 45 AMG modules, a brand of Loewenstein, we achieve for the turbocharged direct injection engine M133 of Mercedes up to 420 HP of power.


These performance improvements are one of the easiest to install performance improvements along with the diesel modules. This plug & play system allows a fitting in a few minutes.


There is constant communication between the factory engine electronics and the Loewenstein CGI module. With its own processor there is a quite extensive control of multiple sensors, acknowledgment systems and parameters to guarantee one of the most stable performance upgrades on the market. Any safety-related limit values and protection parameters are obviously preserved and taken into account.


However, even more protective functions are built in the additional module through the factory CAN-Bus data connection. The digital signals of the air mass meter, as well as more information is read via the CAN-Bus and processed immediately.


Performance with German TÜV and Vmax uprating


The LM45-410 engine enhancement includes the Vmax module, which is installed in the interior and clamped to the associated CAN-Bus system.

Depending on the vehicle, the fitting time is approx. 45 minutes.


The Vmax is uprated up to 280 km/h. To date, no other tuner has still managed to use an additional module with the simple Plug&Play system to change the Vmax, not even at the Mercedes 4Matic.


The system


    The LOEWENSTEIN module is 100% Made in Germany and continues the demanding standards of the automotive industry.


    The connectors and crimps are original automotive products and are manufactured by machine. The cable isolation resists thermal loads up to 150 C° and the module housing is waterproof.

The extra power does not generate immediately elevated CO² emissions and this is reflected in the fuel consumption. A guiding CO²-system guarantees prescribed standard values CO² emissions.


Thus, the factory set emissions classification remains unchanged!


All benefits at a glance:


  • Plug & Play module
  • Digital processor-controlled power increase
  • Incl. vehicle data CAN-Bus data connection
  • Optimzed torque curve
  • Optimized fuel consumption
  • No deleting of power after factory updates
  • Engine cold-wam safety system
  • Factory engine protection functions stay active
  • Factory diagnose feature
  • Overload protection function
  • Easy fitting
  • Fast backgrading possible to factory
  • High-quality automotive connectors
  • Possible non-residue disassembly
  • Quality service due to in-house development

Supported platforms: