The LOEWENSTEIN MANUFAKTUR stands for professionalism, style and an eye for details. German engineering leads to the most wonderful solutions.

Together with leading German manufacturers of high quality components we have discussed our visions and implemented in a unique collaboration: "Designed and engineered in Germany" ... we live it!


  • As a specialist for reliability, quality and durability, we always keep the compromise, if desiraed, to combine maximum engine performance with improved drivability and so increase the perfection of a Mercedes-Benz or AMG vehicle.


    Our experience in the processing and manufacturing of technological high-quality performance vehicles gives us the confidence to implement large requirements to the customer's vehicles. 

Decency, exceptionality and luxury are the standards at LOEWENSTEIN, which are mirrored in their vehicles in a sort of master pieces on engine performance, driving dynamics, high-quality interiors and simple, but stunning appearance.


"I have the simplest tastes::
I am always satisfied with the best."


Oscar Wilde - 1854-1900
Oscar Wilde - 1854-1900