Attention: Beware of cheap fake products!!


    Copies on the world market are impossible to exclude, not to mention to stop them. In order to fight in a possible way, LOEWENSTEIN has found a way to give their customers the security, certainty and guarantee to purchase genuine and authentic Loewenstein product:


    We provide our accessories with a unique Loewenstein hologram sticker. This once-adhesive security label is assigned a serial number by which we secure the exact product and sales data in our database.


    This serial number can be checked at every LOEWENSTEIN dealer for authenticity!


  • At LOEWENSTEIN every part, whether connected with little or high complexity, has been developed continuously and intensively for our worldwide clientele.


    The LOEWENSTEIN team, from our prototype designer to the engineers,  as well as to the sales department and Logistics, each employee will use his maximum efforts and integrity in all work processes.

Continuous improvement is not the only headstone of many self-evident facts of our company, but also the perfect service to customers makes the difference, especially with the highest possible quality accessories.


LOEWENSTEIN follows properly and ensures all TÜV Nord quality standards and measures to the most stringent process-flow-controls and quality checks. Our own "Quality Management Manual" is the basis of our reliability!


  • VDAT membership

    VDAT membership

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  • It is an honor to inform that the LOEWENSTEIN has entered as a member in the VDAT (the German automobile tuner association) since the end of 2013.