LOEWENSTEIN 100% Limited slip differential by Quaife

  • LOEWENSTEIN 100% Limited slip differential by Quaife



The Loewenstein rear limited slip body ASD (automatic slip differential) from Quaife is a unique, completely mechanical slip differential, which improves substantially traction on powerful high-performance vehicles.


All standard Mercedes models are equipped with an inexpensive and robust "open" differential, which lets the traction wheels rotate at different speeds. This allows the vehicle to drive around corners and curves. However, the problem is that it can only ever apply the same amount of torque to both driving wheels, so if a wheel is slipping it is supplies only the amount of torque required to the spinning wheel. That spinning wheel takes away the complete power and resulting almost to a complete loss of driving force of both wheels.

In addition, some Mercedes and AMG models use various electronic systems, which distribute the power to the drive wheels in accordance to a loss of traction. These measures for traction stabilization are good safety features for everyday drivers, especially in bad road conditions such as snow and ice. However, these control systems do not inspire sporty drivers, who are often irritated by the traction warning lights. Therefore, there are clever differentials like the Loewenstein ASD that will provide power to the wheel with more traction rather than take it away...

The Loewenstein ASD used floating helical cut gear pinions that run in pockets and mesh during normal driving, acting as an "open" differential. However, should only one of the drive wheels begin to rotate, these helical gears generate a torque alignment thanks to the axial and radial thrust of the helical gear pinions. The result is an automatic, immediate and progressive transmission of torque from the slipping wheel to another, always varying the torque distribution to optimize it accordingly!

The car will become easier to control and is able to transmit his power with maximum effect on the asphalt. Acceleration, cornering speeds, handling, steering and the overall dynamics of the vehicle are drastically improved! The Loewenstein limited slip body is able to perform that force distribution up to over 80%, always in quie and smooth operation. Also, it does not affect any factory traccion system of the car.

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