LOEWENSTEIN Exhaust systems


The Loewenstein exhaust systems are made of stainless steel and delight with a fabulous sporty sound!

Without catalytic converters as export versions or complete TÜV units, at Loewenstein quality and functionality decide for itself for better exhaust flow or exhaust optimization.


Handmade quality convinces at the first sight. From the highly polished surface to the perfect welds that look just as good as the Loewenstein exhaust systems sounds like. The sporty sound speaks for itself!

  • The Loewenstein stainless steel exhaust systems are extremely lighter as compared to the factory units. The Loewenstein exhaust units have a weight reduction of up to 35% and 50%.


    Those exhaust systems have been developed to obtain maximum power out from each engine and are wonderfully suited as an additional conversion to any Loewenstein performance improvement.

The combination of an exhaust manifold, middle section and rear muffler units offer a variaty spectrum of more power and sound backdrop.

Gallery (open here!)

  • Gallery (open here!)

The LOEWENSTEIN Design exhaust tip


    The Loewenstein design tailpipes is also a recognition feature of a LOEWENSTEIN Mercedes vehicle!


    Since the first intensive design projects and decisions, the CAD work and the first prototype milled tips, up to the final end product, the Loewenstein Manufaktur company has put in all his creativity in the search for an individual and in the Mercedes world unique style. The Loewenstein tail on fine vehicles... instantly recognizable:

That is how the Loewenstein exhaust tip arose, a feature of the Loewenstein brand which makes the difference!

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