The Loewenstein interiors elaborated ??of fine leather and Alcantara are made in traditional handwork.

It is a perfect craftsmanship in the truest sense of the word. Modern "haute couture" in combination with precious woods and carbon fiber equipment awaken all dreams to reality.



  • LOEWENSTEIN Fine Leather
  • You see it in the details


    The finest leather, perfect stitches and seams, all stylish set into the scene. An art with many years of experience in order to create the highest quality workmanship.

    Whether we speak about a seat, dashboard or even a door panels... we create incomparable exclusive vehicle interiors and exceptional interior ambiance with character!


    Each customers choice turns individual, a personal design with selection of the best leather and the finest Alcantara. The highest standards of appearance and quality for the most exclusive automobiles in the world. 

    We offer an extensive selection of fine upholstery, one or two colors, any options for a unique style.


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