• 63 AMG V8 Biturbo engine M157

    We are talking already about a piece of jewelry in technology: the V8 BiTurbo engine of the 63 AMG series is an incredible engine to achieve even more performance with total stability. It is installed in the S and CL class with the AMG upgraded power of factory 544 HP, and in the facelift models of the 2012 CLS, E, SL and ML class with the factory 525 HP. Available in both cases with Performance Package.

    Apart from the Performance Package (PP*) additional performance, Loewenstein has discovered even more incredible hidden power with astonishing simplicity ready to be released for excellent torque curves. It does not matter if using our future oriented additional module system or our ECU optimizations, the fun is guaranteed!

    We do have several tuning options for you ready, beginning from 690 or 700 HP to ranges of over 800 HP with some more modifications. The top variants for export do include, as with the V12 engines, the corresponding set of downpipes with or without precats.



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