The LOEWENSTEIN SLS - C197 Coupé and R197 Cabriolet


The LOEWENSTEIN SLS shows up more so as a technology concept as its standard-specification brother.

A Gullwing, which is at the forefront of the super sports cars for right connoisseurs. We let bloom much more every smile, beat every heart stronger, awake all car enthusiasts to timeless life!

The LOEWENSTEIN SLS in details

Small carbon fiber details refine only the necessary. Our 3-piece Loewenstein RENNSPORT rim adds even more sportiness, dynamics and wings...

With the LOEWENSTEIN valve controlled exhaust system we improve the resonance and offer with closed valves a more pleasant sound than the stock AMG system, especially during long rides on highways.

With open exhaust valves we reveal the brutal and breathless nature of this top sport car!

New carbon engine bonnet RS and frontgrill RS

Experience even more torque in a brutal and at the same moment comfortable way: The LOEWENSTEIN supercharger system for the M159 engine of the SLS impresses with its overall development concept with perfect performance up to 740 hp.

The instalation and
 quality work appearance of this performance upgrade connects together supercharger technology and reliability even for everyday use.

Learn more here about the Loewenstein motor powers the M159 unit!

  • Loewenstein RENNSPORT 3 piece high performance wheel

Loewenstein RENNSPORT 3 piece high performance wheel

With the Loewenstein "RENNSPORT" wheels in its 3 piece design we achieve an improvement of driving behavior and handling resulting due to the reduced weight of the wheels comnpared to the standard one. The forged Loewenstein rim star underlines even more the impressive design of the Gullwing.

Experience more here about our product program...



Improve the dynamic appearance and handling of the SLS AMG for more driving pleasure with our adjustable coilover suspension.

Learn more here...

Exhaust systems

Exhaust systems

Extremely high-quality stainless steel exhaust systems provide LOEWENSTEIN with incredible sound.

Our exhaust systems are music to the ears for any automotive enthusiast, and are also visually and in its finish to fall in love!

Learn here more about the Loewenstein exhaust systems ...

Brake systems

Brake systems

Powerful brakes for impeccable delays with floating vented discs and calipers up to 8 piston for the front axle. 

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Customized leather interior are our specialty! Everything according to customer requirements, from a noble 1-tone leather interior up to the most daring bi-color and/or leather/Alcantara combinations ... there are no limits!

For conservative clients, we are able to offer only quality velour floor mats and aluminum sport pedals.

Here you may experience our world in the inside...

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