Loewenstein KLASSIK 1 piece

The Loewenstein KLASSIK wheel in its one-piece design is reminiscent of a stylish and modern spokes rim. This unique design seduces with its elegance and fullfils every dream turning a Mercedes discreetly to an individual piece of jewelry.


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Design & development

Design & development


This unique design was fruitfuly rethought and created at the Loewenstein Manufaktur from the first drafts and versions to the final product!

Close cooperation among others with renowned designers and a constant commitment of the Loewenstein team goal striving for creativity and innovation has resulted at our manufactory into successful expertise.


After the design, next steps in technical processes are initiated, in which modern analysis, computer-aided stress testing according to intensive CAD and CAM software works, as well as integrated materials optimization mean a must.

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Loewenstein recommends high performance tires from Michelin.


Loewenstein is subjected with its wheels under the strict standards of the German TÜV and also certifies the product through the Japanese VIA and JWL institutions.


Gallery (open here!)

  • Gallery (open here!)

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